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About Us

Established with a vision of being a pioneer in the security industry, Mode Fire + Security is unconditionally committed to enhance the security of your assets and safety of your loved ones with our advanced solutions.

Based in Manchester, Mode Fire + Security is an installation provider of safety and security solutions delivering to households and businesses. Our team of specialist design, install and maintain a wide range of security products. 

Our History

Mode Fire + Security was purpose of delivering quality security solutions that are suited to meet the customers needs. To achieve this objective, Mode Fire + Security has consistently invested in cutting-edge technology.

As a result, today, the company is recognised as a quality, oriented service provider of security solutions that is dedicated to ensure the safety and well being of its clients.

Mode Fire & Security

Why Choose Mode Fire + Security?

Quality Security Solutions

At Mode Fire + Security, we are committed to offer you advanced security solutions that will help give you a peace of mind, enhancing the security and comfort of your loved ones and employees. To ensure this, we offer you a comprehensive range from: Fire Alarms Systems, Intruder Alarm Systems, CCTV Systems, Access Control Systems and Gate Automation.

Excellent Customer Service

We have a team of competent and skilled professionals who not only ensure a bespoke seamless installation of security solutions in your home or business, but also respond to your queries and concerns in a courteous and professional manner, helping you make a well-informed decision about the security on your property.

Unrivalled of Products

Being a full-service provider of security solutions, Mode Fire + Security offers you a range of products to choose from. Whether you are looking for an intruder alarm system for your home or  business, we have the right system to meet your security requirements.