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Mode Fire & Security

Typical Homes

Worried about increased crime in your neighborhood? Protect your home and loved ones from the security risks posed by intruders and burglars with our superior-quality but cost-effective security solutions. Rigorously tested to deliver the highest level of protection, our range of products features a vast variety of security solutions for homeowners with varying needs and preferences.

Mode Fire & Security

Remote Homes

While a home in a remote, rural area offers you a serene lifestyle, there are security risks associated with it as well. In fact, there are rural crime documentations that suggest that it is actually safer to live in a densely populated area than it is to live in countryside.
To help you protect your loved ones and your valuables from different safety and security risks, MODE Fire + Security offers superior-quality security solutions that can monitor, detect, and prevent security risks in a proactive manner.

Mode Fire & Security Holiday Home

Holiday Homes

Holiday homes and investment properties are an attractive target for burglars and intruders as they are not occupied throughout the year. MODE Fire + Security offers you a way to keep an eye on your investment property even when you are not around with our remote monitoring services. In addition to this, we also provide access control solutions to offer you unprecedented control over your property.